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The importance of colour

When we chose orange as our colour, it was no accident. Orange is associated with creativity (and we’re all about that here at Sainsbury Design). It’s also a bright, energetic and optimistic colour (yes, yes and yes – those describe us perfectly). It’s just one more example of the power of colour.

Colours can change how we feel, and what we associate with brands, people and places. At the same time, colours can fall in and out of fashion – just like haircuts or clothes. These trends can be tracked – and that’s exactly what international stock image agency Shutterstock has been doing, by seeing which are the dominant hues in the images that are being downloaded most often. We’ve taken a look at their predictions for top colours in 2021, and tried to interpret what they might mean.

Set Sail Champagne

At first glance, this might seem an odd choice – after all, there hasn’t been too much to celebrate in the world during 2002. But take a closer look: amidst all the doom and gloom of the pandemic, stories of courage and compassion have emerged from every corner of the globe – and those are definitely worth celebrating!

The name of this colour speaks to escape or getting away from it all – perhaps the ultimate lockdown fantasy and something we can all identify with. On a more practical note, Set Sail Champagne is a soft, calming colour – which – like its namesake – can be paired with many other colours and elements to add luxury, reassurance and sophistication to brand messaging.

It’s a colour that is equally at home in modern architecture and couture, and ancient desert landscapes. We’re inclined to agree with Shutterstock here – this is certainly a colour we see on the horizon for 2020.

Fortuna Gold

The colour of good luck or happy coincidences – again, things we’ve all been missing out on in 2020 – Fortuna Gold is set to enrich all our lives in 2021. It has the warm glow of the contents of the Pulp Fiction briefcase (with that hint of mystery).

Gold has always been seen as a safe haven by investors in times of uncertainty, so it’s no wonder that designers and creatives are anticipating a rush for this shade of gold next year. Rush of course has more than one meaning, and do does gold – think autumn leaves, chocolate foil and harvest fields.

As any jeweller will tell you, gold goes well with a whole jewel box of bright, precious colours – with a bit of luck, you won’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the look you want. Luxurious, confident and symbolic, this is just the colour we need in our lives after the drabness of 2020.

Tidewater Green

Immerse yourself in Shutterstock’s final choice of top 2021 colour. This is a hue with hidden depths, and it speaks to the endless, churning energy of the oceans. The sea has its own rhythms, which could just be why this colour is resonating so much after a year in which we’ve all had to adapt our routines – or even tear them up and start over.

This is shade of green that can hit hard – the impact of seeing it for the first time is like waves crashing on rocks. It has a cleansing power, too – it’s able to wash away negative and leave everything feeling fresh and new.

Composed of blues and greens swirling together, Tidewater Green is the perfect sapphire-emerald colour to evoke the glories of Nature and her eternal power to transform and renew herself, and us.  Pair this colour with pops of bright hues or explore the blue-green palette for fresh new looks.

Let us colour your world

If you want to update your brand colours, or explore how these top 2021 colours (and more) can add energy and relevance to your brand, contact Sainsbury Design today.



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