Kelloggs Packaging

Range Revamp.
Increased competition in the Ready to Eat (RTE) segment has impacted on cereal sales.
There was a need to highlight the benefits of the different cereal brands by introducing a simple mnemonic device.
We also needed to communicate improved product fortification and health benefits to consumers.

To communicate end benefit messages under three distinct headings (Active and Alert, Digestive Wellness and Growth & Development).
To open up design space on the packaging whilst maintaining umbrella brand shelf presence by balancing the Masterbrand weighting.
To find an easy-to-understand way to visually communicate the fortification benefit.
To support the goodness or grains story alongside the overarching “Nourish your great” brand positioning.

Creating a simple colour-coded mnemonic device to instantly communicate the end benefits.
Using colour-coded pillars relatable to each end benefit.
Refreshing the Corn Flakes food photography.
Using a spoon device to outline the fortification benefits in a relatable way and reinforce the suggestion that each spoonful of cereal contains all these benefits.
Using colour coding to enhance end benefit relatability.
Using BOP communication to reinforce the message that the vitamin fortification benefits in each bowl of Kellogg’s cereal are grounded by the “Nourish your great” promise.
Consumer communication delivered through instore POSM highlighting the fact that Kellogg’s gives you more as a result of the added fortifications.


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