Bob Martin Pet Food

Maintaining the strength of the Bob Martin brand.

We were tasked with creating a new look for Bob Martin dog and cat food to align with the current global trend of humanisation in the pet food category. Focusing on the benefits of the superfood ingredients would also allow us to position the range as “Superfood Boost”.

Showcasing the protein benefit without visually representing meat.
No meat other than chicken could be shown, even when the variant contained several different kinds of meat.
Strict visual inclusion rules regarding ingredients.
Limited awareness of superfoods within the SA market.
Limitations on merchandising larger pack formats.
Multiple dog life stage and flavour considerations.
Maintaining the strength of the Bob Martin brand.

Using icons to represent the Superfood Boost.
Dog imagery used to differentiate life stage variants.
Colour coding used to indicate flavour varieties.
Large format merchandising panel created to communicate with shoppers


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